About me

Hello everyone!

The reason I’m starting this blog is to document my EVS project and my stay in Poland, and to share it with others (be it wannabe volunteers, or whoever has some time to waste reading my ramblings). I should start by introducing myself, even though that’s not something I particularly enjoy doing.

My name is Mariangela, I was born on June 15 1988 in a seaside town in central Italy called Pescara, in the green and beautiful Abruzzo region. My family is made up of my parents, Cinzia and Roberto, and my sisters, Roberta and Antonella. I’ve lived in Pescara until two years ago, when I moved to Urbino for my master’s studies in Language Teaching and Translation, after graduating in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the university of Pescara (I’ve studies English and Russian). During my master’s studies I spent two semesters abroad, respectively in Poznań (through the Erasmus program) and Moscow. After going back to Italy I went through post Erasmus depression  and I felt I had to come back to Poland, so I applied for a few EVS projects and was selected by the NGO Jeden Świat in Poznań. My beloved Poznań. My love story with Poznań is going strong, after having to live through a separation. Everybody knows long distance relationships are not easy, but it felt like those months hadn’t passed when we reunited.

My project started at the end of september, and it will end in july. During these first months I was stuck in a limbo between EVS and my master’s thesis. Now that I’m done with my studies, it’s time for me to dedicate myself full time to my project.

Do zobaczenia wkrótce!

Here’s me awkwardly walking through the streets of Poznan.


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